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I consider myself a well organised positive and professional designer, specialising in product design. Alongside my product design practise I have developed my skills in interaction, system and graphic design, allowing me to have a broader view of design as a whole. With my highly technical approach to design, acquired from a background in science and applied art, I thrive on the challenge to design products that function and perform better to increase the user experience.


With work experience at Zoeftig LTD and my time at Plymouth University I have developed my design skills both professionally and freely. This has allowed me to create my own personal approach to design, tackling product frustrations head on to create innovative, practical and feasible solutions.


My work ethic revolves mainly around working with others, creating a lively, active atmosphere allowing creativity to come from many different points of view. I find this approach to design not only effective but enlightening as others with different views can cause us to see things in new and interesting ways.    


My ambition is to progress my skills further as a designer within professional practice, continuing my passion for product design.

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